Personal Injury

Client injured in a motorcycle accident and sent to the hospital. Client hired my firm, and I got the insurance company to pay him the limits of their policy within 45 days.

Criminal Law

Client charged with Robbery. Facing 20 years with 10 to serve. Result: reduced charge, small fine, 60 days in jail and probation.
2 separate Clients each charged with Aggravated Child Molestation and/or Rape. Filed strategic procedural motions and got the First Indictments dismissed.
Charge: Battery, Family Violence. Result: Case Dismissed.
Charge: Sexual Battery: Result: Case Dismissed.
Charge: Child Abandonment resulting from litigious mother. Result: Case Dismissed.
Charge: Aggravated assault, facing 20 years in prison. Result: 3 years probation and first offender status.
Charge: 8 counts of Aggravated Assault, facing 160 years in prison. Result: 6 of 8 counts dismissed in magistrate court. Remaining two counts dismissed without indictment.
Charge: Possession of 6 pounds of marijuana: Result: probation with weekends in jail, and a small fine.
Removal from Sex Offender Registry: Client convicted of minor sex-related crime in his youth. Filed petition to remove him from the Sex Offender Registry. Result: Petition granted without ever having to go to court.


Client falsely accused of DUI with no supporting evidence. Was arrested and charged anyway. I had one conversation with the prosecutor. Result: Case Dismissed.
Client charged with two DUI's within a week. Result, One DUI reduced, the Other DUI resulted in plea with Rehab and probation.

Family Law

TPO taken against my client by estranged wife: Result - Dismissed.
TPO taken against my client from angry co-workers: Result, Dismissed
TPO taken against my client on false allegations: Result, TPO granted against the opposing party.
Child Custody: Mother made false allegations of sexual misconduct. Result: Criminal charges dropped without arrest, Client obtained emergency and temporary custody of children.

Business and General Litigation

Landlord retained my firm to assist them with evicting a tenant who was in bankruptcy. Result: Bankruptcy Case did not affect State Law Eviction procedures as originally contemplated. Tenant evicted and Clients repossessed the property.

Landlord retained my firm to assist him with a tenant who repeatedly filed bankruptcy over and over to avoid eviction. Result: Tenant no longer allowed to file bankruptcies, and evicted.

Traffic Tickets

Fed Ex CDL Driver wrongfully ticketed. Job was on the line. Result, ticket dismissed.


Debtor threatened with foreclosure. Result: Confirmed Chapter 13 Plan, and was able to save home.
Debtor under threat of having personal property seized and levied by creditors. Filed Chapter 7. Result: Debtor discharged from all liability to all creditors - Debt Free.
Adversary Proceeding. Debtor sued in bankruptcy to allege money was obtained fraudulently. Result - Case Dismissed.

***Results vary and are not guaranteed. Each case is different. Attorney cannot make guarantees or promises of similar results.