Have you been convicted of a crime? Did a judgement come down against you in a civil or divorce case? An appeal may be your only recourse for the relief you need.

In Georgia, criminal defendants have a direct right of appeal. Other appeals can be heard by application or other means.

It is important to note, however, that appeals are not "do-overs." Rather, appeals are an opportunity to ensure that the result was fairly and justly achieved by the prevailing side. No matter why you need an appeal, hiring an attorney who knows the appellate process is crucial to success. There are time deadlines, formatting requirements, procedural pitfalls and other obstacles that even experienced lawyers miss from time to time. That is why you need to hire an attorney with experience in filing competent, well-structured and quality appeals.

The Law Office of Jordan K. Van Matre, P.C. is one of the few law firms in the McDonough, Georgia and Henry County area offering services for appeals, and in most cases, can do them at a much lower cost than its competitors.

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Appeals Services Include:

  • Notices of Appeal
  • Motion for New Trial
  • Hearing on Motion for New Trial
  • Direct and Interlocutory Appeals
  • Petitions for Writ of Certiorari